10 Amazing Smartphones Hacks Which Can Save Your LIFE

Smartphones are a big deal currently. There is numerous stuff you can do with your smartphone. However, they have got some down points too. the most important of them are — running out of battery, a worry of inflicting harm or not being able to take the most effective selfie.

1. Hide your secret note, SIM/Credit Cards/IDs in your phone case.

  • Your Smartphone’s case is the best place to store valuable things. Well, it’s just about useful for many guys who don’t want to hold a *wallet* simply to require those things with them.

2. Take screenshots of the traveling route and then turn off Mobile Data. (common sense)

  • Instead of searching through the travel directions then closing the map, take a screenshot for future reference. If you’re sensible enough whereas capturing, one screenshot can assist you to succeed in your destination.

3. Shut down background apps which you don’t need.

  • If you’re an Android user, you need to be aware that, there are an unnumbered variety of apps running within the background. Of course, these apps are generally helpful, however, in most cases, it’s only latching your battery while not providing any worth. Keep a check on your background apps and clean up the ones who aren’t of your use

4. Press and hold the shutter button to take continuous shots. at 20fps

  • Very few smartphone users are aware of the actual fact that they can capture multiple photos at once. A great feature known as “continuous shot” allows the user to capture up to 20 shot per second.

5. Cover the microphone when shooting a video to record clearer and crisp audio.

  • Covering the microphone will help reduce the ambient noise and thus helping you to capture sharp, clear and crisper sound.

6. Avoid using the phone while charging. It can reduce battery life.

  • Ever wondered why phone manufacturers build such short charging cables? Do they need to avoid wasting money? No, the answer is — They don’t want you to use the phone while charging.
    Most phones run on Li-ion batteries, and these batteries have a limited charge cycle after that they have to get replaced.

7. Don’t download or use malicious apps it can harm your device badly.

  • Just don’t download those apps that’s all.

8. Switch your phone to “Airplane Mode,” to charge it faster and at bedtime.

  • Switching your phone to “Airplane Mode” reduces the unnecessary work of continuous signal search and thus allows your phone to charge quicker

9. Use your phone’s front camera for baby soft pics, rear for detailed and clear images.

  • The front camera of most smartphones features the “airbrush effect” that outputs softer pics. If you’re a selfie addict, always try to use your phone’s front camera because it can give a much better image. The rear camera offers a sharp and detailed image, and therefore, should be used to capture anything other than selfies.

10. Please for god sake keep backup of your data. Specially  WhatsApp

  • use cloud storage service like Google Drive, DropBox


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