Introvert People with no social life Have thought life is too boring?

People with no social life πŸ˜‚ Have you ever thought life is too boring?

Hey! Fellow’s I have to tell you about my secret. For that read the whole article. So let’s begin.

So, one day on Quora some buddy 😎 asked me a question

The title was: People with no social life, how you feel like?

Therefore here’s is the answer, not every but at some point, of life Introvert People with no social, they feel nothingness that causes life sucks 😭 Believe me because I’m introvert and have no friends circle zero social exposure. It’s not because I’d want to be famous or be a leader of some teenagers secret society no…. most of the introvert people don’t want to be like that they’re kind of satisfied and happy with Life 😊. and other they problem other can’t understand.

But-But-But is not the whole truth.

Some time okay okay half of the time We get bored and that feeling says from inside ( I’m done with this f**king boring life its sucks ).

But here is the thing if you are an introvert or anti-social creatureπŸ‘Ύ that’s totally okay believe me you have extraordinary powers inside you.

But Life is the most beautiful and rare thing in this whole freaking huge universe. And you can’t waste it out with your boredom 😜. Rest is your decision if you agree with me follow it up with me.

Here is what I’m going to do with myself because I’m want to be more than myself and want to grow in every expect of life.

Note: These are my own unique ways or ideas to make my life more interesting.


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#1. Show random acts of kindness.

believe me, this is the most powerful thing on this list.

#2. Pick up your phone and dial any random number.

if anybody picks up your call talk to him/her at least for 10 minutes do this every day.

#3. Share your thoughts and knowledge with others.

maybe Blog or YouTube channel rest you’re smart enough. Also, you can Share your thoughts and knowledge with us by contributing to this blog to join us email me at officialtenreason@gmail.com

#4. Talk to your family, cousin, relatives.
#5. Talk to your enemies.

Yeah, you heard it right say everything you want to say from years.
If you like it please consider it to others and share. Let me know your idea on this topic down below in the comment section.

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