6 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Like a Failure

Life has two things to deliver you either failure or success, and at times you will taste both. There is no one who tastes just success and has never encountered what failure is. The most successful people of today are the ones who failed a lot, and their failure acted as a staircase towards the path of thriving success.
If you are feeling low and like a failure then you should stand rigid against it. Here are six things you should tell yourself to have control over the situation.

1. Don’t feel that you are alone and helpless

No matter what kind of failure you are bearing you should never feel helpless. Try to look out for people who can take you back to your comfort zone. If the failure is due to some personal problems then try to sort it out by discussing it with your parents, they can guide you the way to bid adieu(goodbye) to certain feelings.
On the other hand, if the failure is due to professional life, then your colleagues are ready to aid you. Don’t think that you are alone and people will laugh at your failure. Instead, scrutinize for the easy ways to discuss the reason for your failure, and you never know if anyone out of those can act as a panacea to your situation.

2. Everyone has to bear failures

Thinking that everyone is riding the same bus as yours can act as an instant reliever from the pain. And in reality, everyone has to bear some failures. Focus on the people who overcame their failures like a boss, and try to be like them.
The internet is flooded with biographies of people who learned from their failures. If you have enough time, then spend some of it reading these books and find out how the people succeeded. This will help you in becoming mentally strong and once you are strong enough no failure can impact you.

3. Many opportunities are born out of failures

Failure is a hub for opportunities; all you need is strict focus and eagle eyes to find them out. You probably have heard about Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba Group. This man failed multiple times, but he turned failures into opportunities.
Now he runs a successful business and is a renowned businessman all across the globe. If Jack Ma can do this, why can’t you?
Analyze your failure and find opportunities in it. A single opportunity can make things fructuous and rewarding.

4. I need to get rid of negativity

This phrase can make your whole life easy and much better! If you are feeling negative vibes due to the failure, then show it the door to outside and get rid of it at the earliest. There are extensive ways of coping with negative thoughts. Indulge in some fun activities that can help you to forget what has happened.
Head out somewhere and plan something that can help you to forget the negativity. Also, hit the theatres and watch a movie that is followed by a good dinner. All these activities can heal the negativity and you will feel much better.

5. Failure doesn’t last forever

Failure has a deadline; if you are a dedicated person then this deadline can be shortened with your continual efforts. Believe the thing that failure doesn’t last forever and incorporate it in your mind.
You need to understand that failure means that you are following the right track. Don’t let failures create an obstacle in your way. Instead, see them as a signboard that yes I am on the right way.
Take the example of a little kid who has just started crawling, if he stops practising due to failures, will he be able to walk? Definitely NO! Continuous practice is an easy way to overcome any kind of failures.

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6. Say it to yourself that you will never repeat it

Focus on the reason behind the failure and learn from it. Ask yourself that you will not repeat the same thing again in the future. Also, keep telling yourself that this failure will end on a positive node and it was a learning lesson for you.


Overcoming the failures become more comfortable with the points mentioned above. Remember all of them and recall them whenever you feel like a failure. Look at the positive side of it, and things will get better automatically.

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