5 Ways To Improve Self-Control

1. Make Your Intention Specific and Measurable.

More often than not, we have very broad goals in life. So try to have specific goals which are tangible and measurable. Thinking about losing weight is broad but losing 20 lbs. in 3 months is a specific one. This one you can measure your progress and work according to it.   You can also find someone to be accountable to, like a friend or a family. This can help you achieve your goal when you have to report to someone the number of calories you have lost or the number of hours you reduced on the internet in the past few weeks. Having a sort of punishment also helps in such things.

2. Don’t Try to Resist Too Many Things at Once

Imagine you slept late and resisted yourself from sleeping late. You skipped doughnuts in breakfast because you losing weight. Then another thing happened in the afternoon. Finally, you get a call for a party with friends.   It would be hard for you to resist it, seeing you resist everything from the morning. This is a real phenomenon called decision fatigue, and it impacts your willpower greatly.   Hence, it is advisable to take up one or two things at the time. Like waking up early and losing weight. Doing too many things will harm you more than it can benefit you.

3. Change the Environment

No matter how strong your will power is, but if you have an environment which tempts your every second, you are bound to fall. A perfect example of this is an alcoholic would be able to leave alcohol if he lives near a wine cellar. Or a kid trying to study get notifications from his phone. Environment plays an important role in helping a person change his habit.
You might need to change the way you do things to stick to your goals and improve self-control. This might require some willpower, but if you can get past this hurdle, future decisions will be a lot easier.

4. Good Self-Care

You might have noticed that it is easier to resist anything early in the morning when you are well rested. But a lot harder, late in the night. Like jogging is easy after a good sleep, but jogging becomes torture when it is night, and you want to sleep. Resisting temptation is a lot easy when we are rested, and our body and mind are in good shape. So, in order to have better self-control, a person needs to take care of himself.   •    He needs to sleep 7-8 hours daily.
•    Eat a well-balanced diet throughout the day.
•    Exercise daily so you get fresh air and you are fit
•    Make time for yourself and relax and enjoy a bit to relieve stress. You can do anything which helps you relax.

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5. Adjust Your Perceptions

You should always look at the situation by taking some time and thinking about what you are doing and what you should be doing. Then perform the latter with a bright smile. This might not be easy all the time, so don’t feel embarrassed to approach anyone.
By doing so, you know what the right thing to do is. And to achieve your goals or dreams, you have to make that decision. If you pressurize yourself enough, you would soon be available to make those right choices, and you would have more self-control in your life.
As we have seen above, self-control can be improved in your life if you just work a bit harder. All your goals and dreams will be achieved, and the best thing about it is you will have more self-control for the rest of your life. You can feel proud that you accomplished something big in life.


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